Chicago Fun Events is the leading Corporate Company and Family Picnic Party Planner in the Chicago area.  We have great picnic packages that will match any budget.  Providing you everything from set-up to clean up and everything in between.  Picnic Grounds and Venues, Entertainment, Catering, Inflatables/Moon Jumps, Picnic Games Concessions and more..
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Picnic Venues and Picnic Grounds

Are you are looking for a venue to host your next Corporate or Family Picnic?  Let Chicago Fun Picnics find the perfect site or venue for your next picnic event.

From traditional family picnics in tranquil wooded picnic grounds, to venue space for Corporate or Community picnic gatherings for guests numbering into the thousands. We can help you find the right venue.

Already have a venue? Let us do the rest.


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